Wheat Flour

Our Wheat Flour is the most well-known flour utilized in baking or cooking. There are distinctive kinds of flour, and they're recognized by the measure of gluten they have. Gluten is wheat's characteristic protein and it's what delivers cooked products their structure. If the mixture is kneaded, these glutens create and end up flexible. Provided Wheat Flour is produced using high and hard-protein assortments of wheat are known as solid flours. They have greater gluten content. Offered flours produced using low and softer-protein wheat are acknowledged feeble flours and are bring down in gluten. This flour is a solid flour, implying that it has a generally high gluten content—for the most part around 13-14 percent. A modest bunch of our Wheat Flour will feel coarse as well as will look somewhat grayish. This flour is utilized for preparing pizza dough, rolls, crusty bread and allied products.

Key Features:

1) Gives more fiber and different supplements than generally useful flour
2) It prepares for heavier bread and cooked products
3) Has a lesser time span of usability than maida flour
4) Utilized for a softer texture and better ascending in cooking
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Wheat Flour

Price: 2200.00 - 3000.00 INR

We produce high-quality wheat flour for a variety of uses. It features excellent flavor, superior taste & good nutritional value. Also, we maintain secure packing and reasonable prices.

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Indian Wheat Flour

Indian wheat flour has high nutritional value. With good fiber properties, it is great for health-conscious people. We use the best variety & quality of wheat in the production of flour.